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Ooc for Evil Within's Journal
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Monday, August 8th, 2005
11:50 pm
Roll call?
Hey guys! Wow it's been forever. Sorry about the random and long hiatus, but I got busy with finals and moving and then my summer job and then it seemed that everyone else disappeared as well.

So this post is here to find out the answer to one important question: Who is still here and interested in starting this place back up again?

I've talked with Gwen and we both really want to get this place running again so I wanna know who all we need to recast, if any. After we find out who's left and do some recasting, we'll post a "The Story Thus Far" post so that everyone remembers where we were at. (Cause I certainly don't remember!)

So, leave a comment so we know what characters we have!

Thanks muchly!
Sunday, June 19th, 2005
10:50 pm
Hello all.

I have given this a lot of thought and, seeing as I now have two jobs and a lot less posting time, I'm going to have to give up a few games. I was trying to decide which games to give up, and it came down to the ones where they were less active and Cordy had a lesser role.

So sad to say, I will have to leave this community. It was fun while it lasted and I wish everyone the best of luck. It's an amazing community with an amazing cast and I hope that it continues to kick ass.

Good luck!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
9:53 am
I will have less access to being online, thus I have to leave a bunch of comms and rps on LJ. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's been fun. Good luck with the game!

Current Mood: crushed
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
9:06 pm
Hello, my loverlies!

Tis your Patty-kins here. Aka Cordy, Heather, or Eve, depending on the game. As we all know it's Memorial Day weekend, yada yada. Which brings me to my next point. I'm going up to visit family for the weekend. We're leaving tomorrow night, and we'll be back (hopefully) Monday morning. Our car does get rambunctious at times. = )

So this is me, wishing you a fond goodbye for now. Feel free to conspire with (Evil) Cordy, Heather, Eve .. move em around, whatever. Just don't .. kill them. Or hurt them. Cause I might cry then. ; )

I'll be home Monday and then I'll be like tag city! Till then, have a good weekend and I'll catch up with everything tonight.

The one, the only
~ Patty
[Cordy, Eve, Heather, if you didn't catch it!]

[x-posted like a mad man!!]
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
12:27 am
Where We Are:
Joyce: Upstairs wondering what is going on downstairs

Giles: Helping Willow do the spell to keep Buffy and Angelus out.

Cordelia and Xander and Wes: Inside either helping or watching (read down Faith's post)

Willow: Passed out

Oz: I don't know

Buffy and Angelus: Off to wreck some Havoc, where, when and on whom I don't know.

Did I miss anyone :)

Your co-moderatrix who threw out her back-Gwen

Current Mood: sore
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
4:20 pm
This is a come to Giles meeting
I love the concept of this game.
I want to keep it running. I'd bet some of my favorite body parts (I didn't say whose) that Laura would too!

So here's the what:

Who is still here?
Who wants to be here?
And who is ready to do some serious, angsty roll-playing??
Friday, May 6th, 2005
8:04 am
Hey all.
I'm back. Just thought I'd let everyone know. :) Missed you all and can't wait to get back into the game. I could so use a distraction right about now. Hope no one had too much fun without me. :P

-Liz, AKA Vamp!Buffy
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
11:24 pm
Letting you know, won't be posting for a week or so in any comms really, the computer is acting up, mine's in the shop, and the internet connection is totally bogus, screwing up and staying connected for mere moments at a time. Hopefully this posts. So, if you're in my comms, spread the word, I'll try to cross post. Feel free to use my characters however, you all know what I'm up for. Nothing too out of ordinary, but in day to day stuff is fine.
12:20 pm
I'll be gone for a week. I may post within that week just to keep me sane, but not sure. I had my grandfather, who I'd been taking care of this last year, pass away this morning. Not sure what mods to the communities would want to do, but I understand there are communities to run and the like. If I happen to be replaced, I thank you all for the time had being part of it. If not, I look forward to coming back.

-Liz, AKA Buffy
Friday, April 29th, 2005
1:17 am
Weekly update
Damn it's late. Too late to be doing this. But I know I'll forget if I put it off til tomorrow.

So who's MIA?

Both of you are in other games with me and have been with the non-posty there too, so I'm guessing real life issues? I know for college kids it's about finals time. But come on guys! Especially Xander. And Oz, no one knows where you are in the game.

But the rest of us are doing great. Maybe we could see a bit more from Cordy and Wes.

If you haven't gotten to read the Faith vs Bangelus scene, you really ought to. I'm quite proud of it. Maybe more-so than the thread of Joyce learning about Buffy. You can check it out here. It led up to a nice bit of Faith self-loathing.

Anyways, keep up the awesomeness!
Thursday, April 21st, 2005
9:06 am
Weekly Update...
Hi guys, it's that time again.

And all I can say is:

We've had two new actual Posts in over a week.

That's it.

I know things have been done in tags, but guys, we need posts!

Here we are now:
Joyce asked Giles to lie to her. He did.

Buffy & Angel: Just fought everyone else but Cordelia. Is Oz still there?

Cordelia: Drove the get away car (where are you going? After medical attention, I might suggest Joyce's home as White Hat Centeral from now on?)

Everyone else: Fought at Buffy's. Everyone but Oz (that isn't bad, or Joyce/Giles) is in Cordy's car, right?

I'm really proud of the start we made, and even though we didn't win at "Slayer's Choice", the fact that we were nominated is a good thing, especially for such a new game (okay, so I did some of the nominating, but that's beside the point, as I thought we are good enough to have won).

Have I missed anything? I did put up an add last week, I'll put up another this week for other characters! Let's keep going, and keep the energy up!

-Gwendolyn co-moderatrix and all around strange person
Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
5:06 pm
I started a new thread for anyone still pretty much left inside the mansion. Seeing as how Cordy, Wes, Willow and Xander are all outside now. :) Hope that's okay by everyone.

4:10 pm
Okay guys.. idea here.

Does someone: Xander, Willow, Cordy, Wes, or Oz want to make a new post? Or.. is Oz still in there? The rest have escaped at this point except for Faith. Where's Oz at this point?

Oh and it would be nice if our Angelus could get in on the Buffy/Faith stuff. :)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod,
Monday, April 18th, 2005
12:13 am
I'm sad to say that we did not win best overall game or saddest thread at the slayerchoiceaim tonight. However, you guys still rock in my opinion so keep up the good work! This comm is my baby and I love it and all of you, so keep on being awesome!!

Your Sad Mod,
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
11:55 pm
Update Time!
Guess it's my turn this week. Is the week really over already?

Still loving the comm, but I think we are getting lazy!

We have all been active this week (except maybe Giles?) at least in tags, but there hasn't been much in the way of posting. Gwen, I know it's weird, but is Giles going to tag Joyce's post? Are you going to have them talk?

Oh wait. zeppo_will_know needs to post or tag or SOMETHING. I know you were busy and unable to tag last week or whatever, but you've tagged in our one on ones, so can you please get doing something here? I love your Xander and don't want to replace you.

And as for the big fight scene.. It's kind of messed up and confusing.
We have Willow helping Xander out, hopefully with the help of Cordelia who has just shown up. Though I'm not entirely sure how she got him free...
We have Oz fighting Buffy. All is good there.
Then we have Wesley telling Buffy to take him instead, but I didn't see a resolution to that.
And the Faith/Angelus fight is moving quite slow due to lack of angelus_divine tagging! Can you please tag me back?

Okay, that seems about it. Let's keep this place great okay? Love you guys.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod
Monday, April 11th, 2005
1:24 am
For Buffy from Wes
I hate to be a big pest and all (inevitable being Wes I suppose) but I am waiting to see what you say about my offer to trade me for Xander before I post something else. When you are done with Oz, can you tag my comment? Thank you muchly!
Friday, April 8th, 2005
8:32 am
Weekly update and Modlyness
parting_gifts should be back by now. Please post. My guess is that you're outside the mansion, looking in at all the fighting. It's up to you if you want to get involved. You have until the 10th to post or tag (pretty please, with sugar).

zeppo_will_know we haven't gotten a post or a tag from you since 3/28 (it was a tag). If there is some problem, please let one of us know. You also need to post by the 10th. And trust me, neither of us like replacing people.

There are a few people who are tagging well, but that do need to throw in a post or two of their own. Mostly, it's just been a long time since the following had made their own post (and no, no discipline for this, just suggesting this week):


That said, this week was pretty cool. The attack on the mansion is both angsty and bloody! Vampires fighting werewolves, it's a good week for us. We talked about what would happen if a werewolf were sired, but what would happen if a vampire were bitten? Just a thought.

Faith, Oz, Willow and Wesley are at the mansion fighting Angel/Buffy, and trying to rescue Xander. At this point, I say "save him". Then either our current Xander can deal with the psychological crap that happened, or whomever we recruit can. But saving him could move the story-line along. How you guys want to handle it is up to you.

Joyce and Giles are back in the Summers' home, where Giles is trying to help Joyce deal with her grief.

I do wonder if we could use a few more characters, just for the fun of it. On the other hand, a small rp is sometimes best (and can get tight-knit). I did nominate this game for Best Overall game, and one of the threads for the saddest. Be sure to vote at <lj comm="slayerschoiceaim"> when the voting is up.

That's it. This community rocks, and I'm glad to be a part of it!
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
1:15 pm
is there even a xander in this comm?? cause I play one of those too invisibletoher
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
11:36 pm
Werewolves being sired?

Okay, there was some discussion with Jin about at some point (not right away) Oz getting vamped. There was a little confusion about if werewolves could even be sired. Well I thought of something. In "The Dark Age" when Eyghon jumped into Angel's body, the two demons had to fight for the body. So if Oz were to get vamped, I assume that the wolf and the vampire would have to fight inside of him.. and since the wolf would be dying along with the human body, the vampire would win out. Logical?

Oh and Gwen, will you be doing the weekly update this week?

Thanks all!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
1:21 pm
I want ot try something different with Oz, I want him to be turned into a vamp, and like I want Angel, or Buffy to turn him, I want to play with it as well as him being a weerwolf, and maybe willow cna bring back hsi soul it would be interesting...thanks.
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